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Watch Out for These Credit Score Scams
Shortly after signing up to get my free credit score at one of the popular websites that offers the service, I received an email alerting me that my score had recently changed and that I should log into the site provided to check on it. Since I had recently signed up for my free score, I almost fell for the scam and followed the link, which could have compromised my personal information. (I …

Greenpath Credit Counselors Host Personal Finance Twitter Chat on October 22 at Noon ET
FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., Oct. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — GreenPath Debt Solution's education and training department will host its first "Twitter Chat" on Wednesday, October 22 at noon ET under #GPKnows. …

Are Free Credit Scores Really Free?
Consumers tend to regard the offer of "free" stuff suspiciously, and rightly so, especially when it relates to credit cards. In the past, companies that have offered free credit scores or free credit reports have enrolled unsuspecting consumers into monthly programs that charged fees. The Federal Trade Commission warns consumers that "impostor" websites claiming to offer "free credit scores" are …

Intuit Makes Accounting Seem Invisible for Small Businesses with New QuickBooks Online
Intuit Inc. is delivering on the promise of the cloud with QuickBooks Online, an ecosystem of products and services that makes it easy for small businesses to tackle

Target rolls out free shipping for all orders during holidays
Target Corp. rolled out free shipping as the holiday season gets underway in an effort to lure shoppers to its website and turn around its business after months of turmoil over a huge data breach.

Credit reports key to detecting fraud
If you suspect someone is trying to open a card account in your name, fraud alerts and credit report monitoring can stop thieves before they start stealing

'Social' casino gamers at risk of becoming real gamblers: Counsellors
TODAY reports: Online social games give players the impression that they can “win easily”, and stoke excitement for actual gambling, one counsellor says.

Should You Give Your Teen a Credit Card?
Thinking of giving your teen a credit card? It’s important to review the pros and cons before making the leap.

Check your free credit report 3X per year
Federal law gives everyone the right to a free credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus every 12 months. The University of Wisconsin-Extension makes it easy for consumers to review their reports through its “Check Your Free Credit Report: 2/2, 6/6, 10/10” campaign.

How Can Someone Steal Your Credit Card While It's Still in Your Wallet?
It makes sense to see fraudulent charges on a bank statement after someone snags your wallet, but how do thieves steal your credit card without taking it?