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Free identity-theft protection, credit reports and credit scores are there for the asking
In 2012, hackers infiltrated the S.C. Department of Revenue's computers, stealing financial information from millions of taxpayers that included credit card and Social Security numbers, but concerns about identity theft seem to have since faded away.

The lowdown on your credit score
There is a secret file that contains some of your most intimate information.

How to Improve a Credit Score: 4 Quick Tips
Few things are worse than having poor credit. Here are four tips to improve a credit score.

Free credit scores: Help or hindrance?
Free credit scores are available like never before. But are they making things clearer or causing confusion?

Help! Late Payments Are Hurting My Credit… But They Aren't Mine
If you're an authorized user on someone else's card in order to build credit, but the primary accountholder misses payments — what can you do?

How to Dispute Credit Report Errors
It's unfortunate, but the credit bureaus don't always have your information correct. In fact, a 2013 Federal Trade Commission study found that one in four consumers identified errors on their credit reports that might affect their credit scores. This is a pretty serious issue, as just one error could drop your credit score and cost you thousands of dollars in interest. Pull and review your …

Fraud alerts: Your credit's first (and free) layer of security
A fraud alert notifies lenders that they should take special precautions to verify your identity before extending credit. But it comes with limitations — and hassles

The Easiest Credit Cards to Qualify for, According to CreditCardChaser.com
Today, CreditCardChaser.com, a leading credit expert, announced the easiest credit cards to qualify for. Getting a credit card can be quite the hassle. Applicants have to fill out an application, run a …

SiriusXM Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results
NEW YORK, July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Revenue Exceeds $1.0 Billion, Up 10% From Second Quarter of 2013 Net Income of $120 Million Adjusted EBITDA Grows 31% to a Record $370 Million Free Cash Flow Increases …

Data breaches are increasingly common, here's how to protect your financial information
In the last year, major companies like Target, LinkedIn, eBay and Neiman Marcus have also been hacked. The incidents are especially troubling to consumers as online and mobile shopping continues to grow. People aren't likely to stop using their credit and debit cards any time soon, and as data breaches become increasingly common, consumers don't often know what to do when a company they've done …